The Oracle of Apollo Snippets from the life of Apollo Lee

Feb 05, 2000 - 12:02



How to begin? One word: damn.

I decided to go up to Staple.

I got on the dancefloor about 10. The DJs, John Tejada and Aquavee, were spinning a set from which dreams are made. The infectiousness of the music induced this dancer to ignore physical limitations and break through into other dimensions of sound and motion. Or something.

I had the usual crowd of fellow dancers marvelling when I got crazy. That happens sometimes. Sometimes, I even have someone to dance along with. In fact, that’s how everything got started this particular night.

She was about 5'9" and beautiful. Not like a barbie doll, but like a girl who would chop wood, drink tequila, and still be feminine, but ballsy at the same time. I was under her spell.

For half an hour, we’d get close to each other, grind a little on each other, come very close to kissing, then back away. “This is such a fun game,” she cooed. Finally, it happened. My first kiss of 2000.

At the risk of going on like a little schoolboy, I was blown away by this exotic and commanding beauty. Lisa was nothing short of spectacular. We ended up leaving Staple at 2, wandering around, chasing her friends, and ending up at 1015, where we danced, kissed, and had a great time until 5:00. So, Lisa, Sharon (her friend from South Africa), Ryan (Sharon’s new friend from Canada), and I headed to their hotel on Fisherman’s Wharf. At 6:15, I left the hotel, with a kiss from Lisa, and an Atlanta phone number (she was in SF for business).

So, apparently, I have ‘game,’ according to Kathleen (my friend from San Leandro). And I’m attractive, according to Lisa (who was probably just influenced by the rum and cokes). But, if so, what do I do?